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Initiations Through the Generations


My Grandfather: Dr. Alejandro Jose Hernandez | My Father: Ronald Rivas Sr. | The New Member: Ronald Rivas Jr. | Lyrics | Final Thoughts | Contact Me
The New Member: Ronald Rivas Jr.


     I, unlike my predecessors did not have to struggle for much.  I was born and raised in Miami, Fl. U.S.A..  When I was around twenty years old, this country was in a state of panic.  With the Spetember 11th attacks on New York and Washington D.C., many people worried.  The attacks eventually led to a war in the middle east.  At the same time, people were begining to take a pledge to love one another.  People tried to squash hate, and tried to bring peace.  Of course this did not last.  A couple of weeks later, driver resumed to giving the finger to people who have cut them off. 

     With many people taking the works of Nostradamus too seriously, many feared that the terrorist attacks were a prophecy made by the prophet himself.  Thus people were looking for salvation for all the wrong reasons.  I myself was raised in the Catholic faith, but I never did the confirmation ceremony to recognize that this was the faith I was going to practice for the rest of my life.  During my teen years, I began to rebel against the faith.  A lot of questions were not covered in CCD classes.  It was until I was about nineteen that I began to research the faith that I was baptized in.  After much study, I decided to take my final year of chatechism classes at the age of twenty and initiate myself into the catholic faith.

     "For the Love of God" is an instrumental piece written by guitar virtuoso Steve Vai.  When it came tme to pray, I would always put this song on so I can concentrate during meditation.  The structure of the song very much reminds me of the stages of prayer.  The soft start, reminds me of a person humbling themselves down during prayer to submit to the love of God.  Then as the song builds, I feel that it is a spiritual connection with the great one, which is what I think most of seek for in prayer.     


Music nowadays is domintaed by pop, rock, and hip-hop.  Instead of having singers backed up by a band, they are now backed up by synthesizers and digital effects.  Replacing the roles of musicians and instruments. 
In terms of musical taste, mine is completely different than my father, and grandfather.  I like what music professional call "musicians music".  This genre consists of fusion of many music styles, and as Frank Zappa once said, "it can only be played by machines" meaning that it is too difficult to play.  Steve Vai was a guitarist of Frank Zappa.  Later on in his solo career, Steve Vai began fusing classical, jazz, heavy metal, and Zappa's complex arranging methods, which I find to be very unique and entertaining.  Another one of the major differences is that Steve Vai does not write lyrics to his music.  All of his music is instrumental.