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Initiations Through the Generations


My Grandfather: Dr. Alejandro Jose Hernandez | My Father: Ronald Rivas Sr. | The New Member: Ronald Rivas Jr. | Lyrics | Final Thoughts | Contact Me
Final Thoughts

A theory as to why we chose different initiations

     As times change, so do people and the way that they value certain in events in life.  The reason why I think that my grandfather, father and myself came up with different initiations is because of the conditions in which we were raised in, and as well as the way our parents brought us up.
     My grandfather grew up in a poor country.  His parents whom brought him didn't raise him to be too religous.  He always believed in God, but it did not go past that.  Themost important thing for him at that moment was to get ahead in life and start up a new family.  Thus, the initiation of his wedding to my grandmother was the most important in his life.
     My Father also grew up poor, and was not too religous.  He worked extremley hard to gain his position on a professional baseball team, that eventually landed him his scholarship to fulfill his dreams.  The situations that are present made a different answer.  His initiation into his basebal team was more important than any other initiation rite because it was this one that determined how he would live the rest of his life.
     I on the other hand, was exposed to religion, and I was not exposed to poor conditions.  When I was able to comprehend certain things, my mom would teach small and undertsable concepts of religions at four years old.  The day that I finally understood the roots of my Catholic faith and decided that I wanted to be initiated into the Catholic Church.  By having a religous supporter in my life, was the most probable reason why I choose a religous initiation rite as my most memorable rite.