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Initiations Through the Generations
My Grandfather: Dr. Alejandro Jose Hernandez | My Father: Ronald Rivas Sr. | The New Member: Ronald Rivas Jr. | Lyrics | Final Thoughts | Contact Me

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     Initiations have been a part of world civilization since the beginning of time. The initaitions of each world culture bares a special significance.  Along with the actual initiation ceremony, people value this experience even more with music that enhances this pricelss moment. Whether it be a bar mitzvah to welcome a jewish boy into adolescence, or a quinces party to celebrate a girls coming of age, initiations have a profound meaning for every person. But, as generations go by, people begin to value these initiations more differently, expressing that other initiations are more important.  This website shows that as the generations and time goes by, certain initiations are valued differently, as ewll as the changes in music, which ultimately remind of us of this pricelss moment.

     Traditional inititiations are very common in many Latin American Families.  Along with these initiations, there is no doubt that there will be music present.  Music is an aspect of initiations that enhance the quality of the initiation.  In many initiations, people are asked to select a song that means a lot to them, and would describe their feelings towards this moment. Examples of initiations that use the process of song selection include the "quinces" or fifteens to celebrate a girls coming of age on her fifteenth birthday, and weddings.  As generations and times go by, people will obviously have a different taste for music and may not appreciate ceratin initiations as others do.  Where as a parent might state that her wedding is their most important initiation around the age of twenty, today's twenty year old may state that their initiation into a fraternity of sorority is more important.  Take for example my family.  When asked which was our most important initiation around the age of twenty, all of us (my grandfather, father, and myself) answered all differently.    My grandfather choosing his wedding to my grandmother most important, my dad choosing the initiation into a professional baseball team his, and I choose my initiation into the catholic faith the most important.  I stronly believe that due to our surroundings, current events, and our parental upbringing stronly influeced our decision as to why certain initiations as well as songs are more important than others. 




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