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Initiation Rites in Judaism
Influence in Catholic Initiation Rites

What is a Bar Mitzvah
The Ceremony
Influence in Catholic Initiation Rites

Are there Catholic Initiation Rites that have been influenced by Judaism?

Without a doubt, many of the teachings of Judaism have heavily influenced one of the major religions that exist in present day.  Catholicism celebrates this coming of age twice.  During the first communion, a child at about the age of eight or nine is now recognized as a participant of the church.  After receiving three years of catechism classes, the child is now aware of the certain dos and donts in their religion.  Though they have some knowledge of their religion, they must still rely on their parents on how to behave properly.  It is until around the age of fourteen or fifteen that a person reaches a broader range of understanding of their commandments and correct behavior.  At around this age, a male or female is fully aware of what is right and wrong.  They are now liable for all of their actions, just as Jews are liable for their commandments.  The ceremony that recognizes this is called the confirmation.

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